you, sorry for making u uncomfortable for last few days.. i really upset with all incident last 2 weeks.. i cant stand anymore..  N thank you for all  explaination.. i hope that is from ur bottom of ur heart.. to be honest, i always thinking about u n waitin for ur sms n really miss  you during the time when i get distance from u.. N again i do admit, as like you, i cant losing you..

BUT, i cant stand and too sensitive towards you.. i dont know why, maybe just because i’m too close with you, n having bad intention n jealous about ur new friend. its mixed feeling.. pity on me to had that kind of feeling.. i feel so bad where i cant deny and away from that feeling which i have special feeling towards u.. i realize, we just can be Gud friend and  bestfriend as u always mentioned before.. but that other feeling make me so damn sick to think about you again and again…  i dont know until when..

The effects to friend of mine who keep telling me about you and me, where i just ignore as goes along but unfortunate, in the end i just get influenced from them plus wat u did last 2 weeks.. i feel so bad n that why gettin away from u for several days.. 

watever it is, may be this is the time for both of us to realign our relationship is either back to normal or gettin worst or  much more closer than before.. 

I do appreciate you all the time my dear.. N i  am so sorry to have special feeling to you n get force u to accept me as ur special one.. maybe u have to be honest on me that u cant accept me as i am expected.. i can slowly understand and aceept it! why its hard to u ?

u,  thanks for being you, and thanks for all ur concern..